on the ground support

Teaching to high professional standards takes dedication, practice, and support from other colleagues. Blue Heron's consultants can help classroom educators hone their skills and take student learning to new levels with our in-classroom support. Whether co-teaching so that educators can get a sense of a new curriculum and really focus on student learning, mentoring new teachers or coaching more experienced ones in gaining new skills, we build trust and help educators examine their practice. Examples of how we have supported teachers in their classrooms include:

  • ~Facilitating a district mentor program
    ~Science program implementation - workshops followed by in-class co-teaching
    (FOSS and Engineering is Elementary)
    ~Team planning follow-up on courses: Helping to translate new lesson plans into classroom practice
    ~Helping teams through curriculum development and lesson planning projects, providing teaching support, running post-implementation meetings to help assess the program
    ~Critical friend classroom observation/peer coaching
    ~School wide curriculum mapping (science)
    ~Community Meeting: Creating an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect in the classroom