direct work with children

Working with children keeps our practice grounded, our skills on track, and our hearts alive!

We have engaged children in a variety of activities, contexts, and settings. Our experience includes decades of classroom teaching and museum programming, but doesn't stop there. Blue Heron's consultants have also launched and run camps, enrichment programs and after school clubs. In all these ways, Blue Heron's consultants have helped children explore all types of content while also emphasizing their creative and social development. In addition, we now visit classrooms and implement programs as part of our co-teaching professional development programming. Among the many topics we have brought to children, some of our favorites include:

  • Vernal pool study and certification (and other outdoor environmental science explorations)
  • Crafty Science/"Sciency" Crafts: Exploring science phenomena while creating objects
  • Creative writing
  • Engineering design
  • Archaeology
  • Interactive Math Activities
  • Tai Chi-inspired Movement, Relaxation, and Social Development

However, there are many more topics to explore with students. With all this fun, there's still an opportunity to get to some serious, standards-based learning. If you would like us to develop and implement a project for your setting, please contact us.