B.H. Wood School Grade 6 Course Page: Fall 2017

Wave Video Link

There are a zillion wave videos out there! Below is a link to a pretty good wave demonstration video that we think will be helpful. The first minute and forty-seven seconds apply directly to what we talked about in our sessions. The remainder has further content that is beyond the Mass Standards (but cool!).

  Slinky Demo

October Online PD Sessions

Below this paragraph is the link to your first Online Professional Development session. Because it is a PowerPoint presentation with animations and audio sequences, it should be viewed as a slide show presentation;

select SLIDE SHOW in the menu bar (1 in the screen shot below) and choose to view the slide show “from beginning” (2 in the screen shot below).

Sometimes you will need to click to advance to the next part of the presentation, so if it seems to stop for a long time (2-3 seconds), please click.

Please note that the presentation includes images of maps. We have included full-size copies below, in the Documents section of this Web page.

The presentation includes some prompts and questions that we sometimes ask you to respond to in the discussion forum, which you will find on this web page.


  Online PD Presentation Part 1   Online PD Presentation Part 2
Document Library
DocumentCat and BootResolution activity slides
DocumentAluminum & Copper Atomic PackingA closer look...
DocumentduToit Mapfrom duToit's 1927 paper
DocumentWorld Mapshowing the continents with latitude/longitude markings
DocumentRelational CausalityRelational Causality materials
DocumentDensity Materialssources of materials for density activities
August 1, 2017
September 25, 2017
August 15, 2017
September 11, 2017

Thoughts and Comments