about us:


Long before there was Blue Heron Educational Consulting Services, there was a great working partnership between its two principal consultants, Deb Dempsey and Carolyn DeCristofano. They met through work as part of a Massachusetts Statewide Systemic Initiative in science and mathematics education, and soon found themselves collaborating on numerous projects.

Together, Deb and Carolyn have nearly 50 years experience as educators. Their complementary backgrounds--Deb's as a classroom teacher specializing in mathematics and science, and Carolyn's as an informal (museum-based) educator, originally focused on science education, but now also as a published children's author--enables them to view educational projects from multiple perspectives. This allows Blue Heron to approach its work in uniquely flexible, integrated, and dynamic ways.

Together and separately, Deb and Carolyn have worked with numerous projects and organizations, including several public school districts and:

  • Engineering is Elementary (Museum of Science, Boston)
  • Making Learning Visible (Harvard Univ. School of Education/Project Zero)
  • Massachusetts Department of Education
  • TERC
  • WGBH Boston
  • Fitchburg State College
  • Southeast PALMS Coalition (Bridgewater State College)
  • Cape Cod Cranberry Growers Association (Educational Outreach)

For all its diversity, at the heart of Blue Heron is a deeply shared commitment to the learning process. Blue Heron always begins and ends with the learners and their needs. This vision enables us as we work with learners. Our intention is to help learners reach beyond mere statements of ideas; the goal is to create integrated understandings. The Blue Heron name is a symbol to us of a natural, simple beauty that can attain great heights. Learners can achieve great things when they find and nurture their quiet, natural curiosity within.